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Customer Relationship Management ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems serve as the backbone that enables the management of staff, equipment, and budget to facilitate business operations. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the solutions typically seen in the full ERP suite, but the module can also be implemented in a stand-alone fashion.

The CRM module allows companies to better manage interactions with customers. An ERP solution systematizes aspects of customer relationships that include tracking leads, tracking sales and business development activities (such as phone calls, follow-ups, proposal submissions, etc.) sending marketing emails, and monitoring customer satisfaction. Example functions managed by CRM systems include:

  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Price Optimization
  • Account Management
  • Quota Setting
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Renewal Management

CRM software started as a way to catalogue customer contact information and track customer satisfaction. As ERP systems grew in popularity, CRM functionality (opportunity, quote, invoice) started to become embedded in ERP systems. Today, many of the top providers offer web-based and mobile-based solutions that can be accessed anywhere at any time. Major players in the CRM ERP space include: Salesforce, Microsoft, and Adobe. Many of these solutions are built to be configurable and flexible to meet most organization’s needs. There are also several CRM ERP vendors that have developed platforms that target specific functions within the spectrum of Customer Management, such as email marketing or surveys.

Finding the right ERP CRM Solution

Jabian uses capability and process-based analysis to identify and prioritize solution requirements. We leverage our capability framework which spans the customer relationship management process, beginning with lead identification and qualification through customer success and retention. Depending on an organization’s specific needs, requirements can be captured and evaluated along these key dimensions.

Finding the right Solution Implementation Partner

A critical aspect to finding the right solution for your organization is that you must account for how to implement the solution. Most vendors will provide implementation services for their solutions to perform configurations, develop any required enhancements, and integrate to your enterprise architecture. High costs of quoted implementation services or concerns over delivery capabilities can lead to a need for identifying a 3rd party implementation partner. Most ERP solution providers will have a list of qualified implementation partners. Jabian can help you identify which 3rd party partner has the best mix of technical expertise, industry expertise, resources, and cost that fit your needs.

Finding the right Application Management Services Provider

When solutions increase in complexity and require increasing levels of customization to meet business needs, then IT services are needed for support and maintenance. Outsourcing is often leveraged as a cost-effective means to have on-demand access to highly specialized technical resources to solution break fix or enhancement request needs. Jabian can help you identify an Application Management Services vendor with the right blend of service level responsiveness, technical knowledge, ability to innovate, and cost structure that fit your needs.