Examination & Prioritization of Strategic Plans Creates a Clear Course for Growth

The Challenge:

A hospitality client’s technology arm had engaged in a strategic planning effort to produce a strategic roadmap and implementation plans. From this exercise, the client developed over 300 potential initiatives. Our team was asked to review their plans and create a prioritization method in order to identify the most effective initiatives for growing revenue.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of strategic planning experts led the effort to:

  • Prioritize initiatives that maximized benefits while minimizing complexity and risk.
  • Generate a weighted scoring criteria used to rank opportunities scientifically and collaboratively
  • Consider dependencies, considerations, capacity, considerations, and risks during the prioritization process.
  • Identify an estimate of costs to implement strategic initiatives

The Outcome:

Jabian’s prioritization efforts resulted in identifying the top 25% most profitable opportunities and creating a re-usable methodology to prioritize strategic initiatives. During the process, Jabian also identified interdependencies across the initiatives that allowed the client to optimally sequence the initiatives.