Jabian Drives Delivery Transformation to Enable Better Ways of Working, Transparency, & Faster Delivery

The Client:

With 500+ projects of varied size and complexity quickly growing into a cross-functional environment, the Business and IT groups realized the need to change delivery behavior. This multi-billion dollar global company needed to alleviate bottlenecks within their siloed delivery environment. Jabian filled many roles within the transformational effort including overall program driver, solution designers and implementers, and change management supporters.

The Challenge:

Leadership decisions were not based on a full-portfolio view of progress. Projects were delivered late, significantly over budget, and overlooked major functional areas. Lacking a standard end-to-end delivery process, delivery resources leaned on native knowledge to get work done. The challenge was to transform the way Business and Technology teams worked together starting with strategy and planning through implementation of an individual project. Multiple attempts had been made in the past to fix smaller pieces of the overall problem, but never tackled the solution as a whole.

The Strategy:

A Jabian team of portfolio/program management, business analysis, and change management experts drove the effort, collaborating with the client across Business, Technology, Finance, and other global teams. Together, the team transformed the ways of working by:

  • Defining and implementing standard delivery processes and expectations,
  • Depicting and training on the systematic process to fulfill standard delivery expectations,
  • Establishing a means to evaluate demand and capacity on a quarterly basis,
  • Implementing foundational process and toll changes including work entry, business analysis, and estimation standards,
  • Defining the governance structure to monitor project performance and adherence to standard delivery processes.

Delivery Process Standards & ETE Process

Quarterly Planning Process & Repository

The Outcome:

Because of Jabian’s collaborative efforts the Business and Technology teams were able to:

  • Understand demand and capacity and adjust based on actuals and anticipated efforts,
  • Make data-driven leadership decisions,
  • Track financial spend and throttle demand accordingly,
  • Provide Business and Technology resources with knowledge of how to deliver projects reducing surprises throughout the lifecycle.