Jabian Consulting and Impact Ventures jointly selected four Project Amplify Grant winners during Impact Ventures’ Spring Accelerator Showcase from their Local Entrepreneur Acceleration Program (LEAP). The winners were chosen based on their engagement in the Program, traction as a business, value proposition, and social impact. In addition to the grant, Jabian consultants mentored select business owners who participated in the ten-week Accelerator Program.

Meet the Project Amplify Grant winners:

The Good Jerky

The Good Jerky is a startup company that makes healthy, sustainable fish jerky as a healthy alternative to beef, pork, and chicken. Driven by a generation focused on health and wellness and a snack industry lacking key products that provide sustenance, The Good Jerky strives to find and provide nutritional, yet filling, alternatives to red meat and poultry.

FOUNDER: Quentin Crawford

Awarded $15,000 through the Project Amplify Grant which will help with operational enhancements to scale production to meet sales and demand.


MilkSpace, LLC

MilkSpace offers event planners a service solution to accommodate nursing women during events by providing on-the-go breastfeeding products and mobile locations for breastfeeding in public spaces.

FOUNDER: Kelli Mumphrey

Awarded $2,500 through the Project Amplify Grant which will be used as capital investment in a mobile location for breastfeeding in public spaces to continue prototyping the product at five additional events.


LeRouge Cuisine

LeRouge Cuisine is an elevated culinary brand that provides catering solutions for those who enjoy food as an experience. It is the consummate envisioning of fine dining meets good home cooking, with creative Creole-fused dishes. LeRouge offers private chef experiences, corporate catering, special event catering, and virtual cooking parties.

FOUNDER: Amber Williams

Awarded $5,000 through the Project Amplify Grant which will serve as a capital investment in a ghost kitchen in South Dallas for start-up inventory and uniforms for the kitchen.


BCM Engineered Solutions

BCM is a consulting firm that provides continuous improvement solutions to small- and mid-cap market companies. BCM offers expertise in facets of analytical prowess and effective relationship building to identify key gaps and build robust solutions. The BCM consultants are skilled in streamlining and improving processes, enhancing productivity, and offering an improved way forward.

FOUNDER: Brianne C. Martin

Awarded $500 through the Project Amplify Grant which will cover fees associated with registering as an LLC.


About Impact Ventures

Impact Ventures is a 501c3 organization and start-up accelerator with a mission to empower talented, yet under-estimated Women and Communities of Color to create generational wealth through inclusive entrepreneurship and integrated capital. Since 2017, Impact Ventures has impacted nearly 3,500 people through community networking events, hackathons, workshops, and summits. Since 2020, Impact Venture’s flagship accelerator program has trained nearly 100 founders to collectively raise over $2.5M to create 100 jobs.

About Project Amplify

Project Amplify is a micro-grant program created to support nonprofits that encourage, enable, and position women and minority entrepreneurs for success. The goal is to amplify the success of these entrepreneurs through micro-grants, coaching, access to Jabian’s social networks, and professional consulting services assistance.

Project Amplify is a program created by Jabian Consulting in recognition of our 15th business anniversary.