Kristine Jordan was named to Consulting Magazine’s annual list for Top 25 Consultants in the Nation. Kristine was recognized for her Excellence in Client Services.

Since her first aptitude test in elementary school, Kristine Jordan says she’s always been inclined to help others. Her family has taught her that when there is a need and you can help, you should. And so, she tries to put that notion into practice. 

“In consulting, this translates to adding value to my clients’ environments, contributing back to Jabian, leading our Women’s Affinity Group, and positioning others for success,” she says. “The breadth and depth of the challenges I’ve been asked to help solve, and then working with amazing teams to deliver those solutions, has been inspiring and rewarding. When reflecting with previous clients upon some tough situations we navigated together and appreciating the current state, it’s nice to hear that my clients’ lives are better for the work we performed.”

Jordan says she’s been “blessed over the years to have worked with great clients, alongside amazing colleagues, inspired by knowledgeable and caring mentors, and supported by my family, who have been as flexible as they have been loving,” Jordan says. “I view my success as their success because without these groups of people, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Today, she is a director within Jabian and says the people she works with and the variety of work she’s able to do make consulting unlike any other profession. She is an expert in Portfolio, Program, & Project Management with a keen focus on people development, account management and business development across multiple accounts. In addition, Jordan leads Jabian’s Women’s Affinity Group and works to foster an environment where women and men can learn and grow from each other.

“Working alongside people who are trained to look deep into an organization and see solutions and paths forward that aren’t obvious is such a joy,” Jordan says. “The variety of challenges every organization faces, while seemingly similar, are always unique based on the culture, industry, and management styles of the company.” 

Together, with the firm’s project teams at one of its largest clients, Jordan and Jabian have been able to change and streamline the way work starts from ideation through pilot and full rollout, achieve faster ROI, and make the environment a great place to work. 

“Furthermore, we’ve helped establish new organizations and ramp up quickly to overcome major challenges, she says. “Within Jabian I led our first Women’s Affinity Group celebration of International Women’s Day and published the Not Your Mother’s Boardroom cover article in our business magazine, The Jabian Journal, highlighting interviews from nine women in various C-suite positions.

“Inspiring people to tackle goals is energizing,” Jordan says. 

Q&A: What does winning the Top 25 award mean to you, your firm and Your clients?

Jordan: “To me I feel a bit like a young Taylor Swift at an awards show—stunned and speechless—knowing some of the previous winners in this category. For Jabian, I think this confirms we are a team of intelligent, hard-working professionals who can tackle complex problems. For my clients, I hope this is a reflection of their vision, trust, and teamwork as we continue to move forward.”

Kristine is the 2nd Jabian consultant in recent years to receive a Top 25 recognition.