This Pride Month spotlight features Amy Baltz, the bookkeeper in Jabian’s Atlanta office!

Amy, a dedicated member of Jabian’s Equality Team, goes above and beyond in her commitment to fostering inclusivity and equality. Not only does she make an impact within the organization, but she also actively contributes to the LGBTQIA+ community as the treasurer of Bi+ Georgia—an Atlanta-based organization dedicated to supporting individuals who identify as bisexual, pansexual, or any other non-monosexual orientation.

Q: Have you experienced any barriers (personal or professional) and how did you overcome them?

A: It took me most of my twenties to be ‘out’ at work. I didn’t feel safe expressing myself, bringing my partners to work events, or engaging in the corporate culture. When I decided to interview for jobs as ‘Queer’ and ‘Out’ it felt like a heavy weight was lifted. I was no longer performing some caricature of heteronormative society to make it through my work week. I was color and vibrant joy existing as myself and more able to focus on my position and duties. With Jabian I have taken a step further than previous positions and offered my pronouns of she and they to my signature, this has been gender-affirming and communicates that I am a safe space for other queer people.

Q: What brought you to Jabian?

A: Jabian’s celebration of diversity through ERGs such as JET and JWAG was a big part of why I wanted to come work with this company. Creating spaces for education and inclusion demonstrates a choice by our Founders to grow both in knowledge as well as policies. Offering representation and a safe space to discuss hot-button topics related to DE&I is a form of allyship within Jabian’s culture.

Amy Baltz Collage