We are thrilled to feature an outstanding employee who’s making waves in the corporate world: Corinne Whitaker! She is a highly talented and accomplished manager at Jabian.

In this employee spotlight, Corinne talks about what brought her to Jabian, advice she would give to her younger self as a woman in corporate America, and much more!

Q: Where did you join from and what brought you to Jabian?  

A: Prior to Jabian I was a manager at The Shelby Group, a procurement consultancy based in Chicago. I focused on business spend management solutions which often included standing-up procurement programs and e-procurement system implementations. I came to Jabian to expand my career opportunities and focus on my professional growth. 

Q: What has been your experience with being a woman in corporate America?  

A: Like most women in corporate America, I often find myself one of the only women in the room, office, or project team. Early in my career I didn’t have any female mentors and when I finally found some, I realized what a difference it made – it reinforced I belonged in the room too. 

Q: What is one thing you would tell your starting-out self if you could? Is that advice still relevant for women starting in the field today? 

A: To be brave instead of trying to be perfect. Focusing on perfection prevented me from trying, gaining new experiences, and learning from ‘failing fast’. I think it’s still relevant today because the ‘perfection narrative’ is still prevalent for women. 

Corinne Whitaker