Meet Maya Kelch, a talent acquisition associate at Jabian! She is a people-focused young professional and creative that thrives through connection and authenticity.

Q: What has been your experience with being a woman in corporate America?  

A: When I first started in a corporate role, I was told I was too serious, and my work would even be ignored or put on the back burner until it was eventually forgotten about. I’ve learned the importance of advocating for myself and not being afraid to speak up and be persistent. I’m happy to be at Jabian where it is much easier to do so and feels much safer to do so.  

Q: In what ways can women support other women in the workplace? How have you experienced that at Jabian? 

A: I think it’s so important to build each other up in the workplace by creating a safe space for each other to express, speak freely, and share our ideas without worrying about judgment. On the Talent Acquisition team, we have weekly coffee chats to connect with one another and specifically not talk about work. It’s a chance to catch up and get to know one another. I think it brings another level of closeness that honestly helps us work better together.  

Q: Are there any moments, people, or advice that have influenced your experience in a positive way at Jabian? 

A: During my first couple of weeks at Jabian, I was meeting with several veteran Jabian folks to learn more about the firm. I remember feeling nervous and intimidated coming into my new role. My next call was with Victoria Inman. We started the call, and I kept apologizing for taking up her time when she must be so busy. She stopped me right there and said to never apologize for my time because it’s just as valuable. It was so simple, but I really needed to hear it, especially in those first few weeks. Remembering that my time and what I am doing is just as valuable as anyone else has helped me advocate for myself and be drawn to leadership roles.  

Maya Kelch